Don’t Get Left Behind: How to Find a Student House After Your 1st Year

While many students live in student halls for their first year, your second year of studying can call for a comfier, cosier house, with all your new mates! You’ve got the initial year out of the way; the daunting moment of the first lecture, the meeting of your new flatmates and facing labelling all your tins of beans with a sharpie, but now is the time to find a student house!

While finding a house may seem like a simple task, especially compared to the exams you’ve been sitting. However, if you don’t plan ahead, you may get stuck somewhere, with people you aren’t necessarily best buddies with. Student Housing Lancaster is here to tell you that you can be ahead of the game. Just take some tips from us and you are sure to find the perfect student housing as a base for your student life.

Happy students studying

Spend it Wisely

No student likes to think about money, let alone spending their student loan (or grant) on rent. However, it needs to be done!  One of the benefits of choosing Student Housing Lancaster is that you can actually save yourself between £400-£1200 per year!

All students know that budget is tight, and your money needs to be spent in the right places and spent wisely. Having a roof over your head, being able to have a hot shower and watch Netflix are some of the most important things, right?

Make sure you have your student finances in order and be able to afford the property without having to ask mum and dad for a mid-term loan.  Make sure you are careful with your money over summer also as you are likely to need a security deposit to secure your dream student house. So, keep some cash aside for this.

Lucky for you, our Student Lets in Lancaster have great value and can suit all budgets, without any of those sneaky hidden costs.  All our properties are also super easy to commute to both Lancaster University and University of Cumbria, meaning you can save on transport, and save your legs all that walking!

Pick the Right People

Hopefully you will have made some new friends in first year, whether this be from your course or from your student accommodation. Either way it will be much easier to find a student house in Lancaster with these people.

No matter who you end up living with, living off campus has many benefits, and is a great step in becoming even more independent; juggling paying bills with keeping on top of your washing and juggling your share of the house work.

It can be a difficult decision but go with your heart and know what’s best for you. You will know who you really want to live with, to carry on your student years, whether this be your course friends or your previous flat mates.

Don’t Leave It Too Late!

The key to grabbing a great property which you and your new house mates will love is to not leave the planning and decision making too late.

Get together way ahead of needing to think about your second-year home and think about your next steps. Why not even get in touch with student housing lettings and ask them to take your details?

Look online at properties way ahead of your summer break and even book a few viewings, before it’s too late. You can use our easy online booking form and we will even get back in touch with you to arrange a viewing for you and your friends before the year begins, so you can get your first choice of property.

Get ahead of the game with Student Housing Lancaster. Simply get in touch today, no matter how far you are away from starting your second year. We would love to take your details and find you the perfect student house in Lancaster. We even have rooms left in properties now – you can view them here.