Fun Activities for Lockdown

by | May 26, 2020 | General

We’ve already given isolating advice to students, so now we’re turning our attention to something positive: fun activities to do while in lockdown.

At Student Housing Lancaster, we understand that lockdown can be a difficult situation, so we’ve put together some entertainment ideas to pass the time and to help you relax a bit more. After all, these may be unprecedented times, but there’s no reason why you can’t have fun at the same time.

Play Boardgames

If you live with someone else, whether you went back home to family or you have housemates, boardgames are an excellent way to have fun for hours on end. Some boardgames do, indeed, last hours, so you’ll be able to enjoy your friends’ or family’s company for longer.

Feeling isolated can lead to anxiety and depression, so it’s important that you find ways to interact with others. From Cluedo and Monopoly to Warhammer and Munchkin, there is a world of boardgame possibilities out there.

Try Out a Few Card Games

If you prefer cards, why not gather everyone in the living room for a round or two? Most people know ‘Go Fish’, but there are many more to choose from. Now that you have some time on your hands, you can learn Poker and Hearts, for example, and, if you live alone or no one else wants to play, Solitaire is a good option too.

Take Pleasure in Cooking and Baking

Many people are spending lockdown brushing up on their cooking and baking skills, as well as learning new things. We’ve mentioned the student food essentials you should have in your cupboard, so that is already a fantastic start.

BBC Good Food has a huge selection of easy baking recipes that are perfect for both newbies and experts – if baking is something you enjoy, treat yourself and your housemates to some homemade goodies during lockdown.

Host a Yard BBQ

Staying cooped up indoors all the time is not great for your mental health so, now that the weather is getting better, you should get some sunlight. A fantastic way to do this is by hosting a yard BBQ for your family or friends. You can enjoy the weather as well as each other’s company, almost as if there is no lockdown in place.

This means that you can forget about everything for a few hours. Just take in the sun, chat, eat good food and relax. It’ll recharge your batteries and make you feel like a new person.

Keep Fit

With gyms closed, it can be more difficult to stay fit and healthy during lockdown. However, this is not impossible. There’s plenty you can do at home, from yoga to bodyweight exercises, and you can also head out for a walk or a run.

If you’ve been eating a bit too much since you’re home all day or you’re just feeling sluggish in general because you’ve been unable to keep up your usual exercise routine, this will definitely help!

Help People

Just because we’re all social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t still help people and donate to charity. A great initiative is the Run for Heroes campaign, where you can donate £5 to an organisation like the NHS, run 5K (Strava Challenge) and/or nominate five people to also participate. It’s fantastic to see people coming together during these challenging times, and you can also do your part during lockdown.

Travel Digitally

With everything closed down and social distancing in place, travelling seems like a distant memory. However, you can still explore museums from the comfort of your couch, as well as travel the world without having to leave your home. Digital travel has risen in popularity in the past few weeks and there are countless places to ‘visit’.

For example, the Faraday Museum has a 3D tour of Michael Faraday’s Magnetic Laboratory you can discover at your leisure – and with no queues. Many places around the world also have cameras set up in nature so you can watch the wildlife or the beautiful scenery, as is the case in South Africa; there are many nature streams to watch, just like the ones on this list.

Watch the Skies

As summer approaches, the skies are less cloudy, so stargazing is easier. You don’t even have to go far; your balcony or yard should be enough to see some stars and to try and decipher the constellations. Venus is also very easy to spot, as it’s the first ‘star’ in the sky.

Have a Marathon…

…of your favourite films. Time may have been an issue before lockdown but that is something you have in large supply at the moment, so why not pop in something like the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions, of course) for a whopping 11hr+ marathon?

Whether a Disney, Harry Potter or Star Wars marathon, there is so much content to discover that the question isn’t which films to watch, but which ones to start with.

As providers of student accommodation in Lancaster, we want to make students’ lives easier, so we hope these ideas will keep you entertained during lockdown. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our services.