Helpful Hobbies: How To Fill Your Summer and Your CV

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Lancaster

Whoever you ask, the necessities of a C.V. can be as varied as there are fish in the sea. Yes, you need references. No, you should only provide them when asked for. Yes, it is important that your name and email is on every page. No, you should not duplicate information throughout your C.V.

It’s a mixed bag and plenty of people will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. But, including a diverse and interesting work history (or at least experience) is vital for helping you land the graduate job of your dreams. If you are lacking work history or feel it is too thin on the ground, then including your hobbies may be a great way to show your potential employer the value you hold for their business.

However, this doesn’t mean adding any and every hobby that you participate in. What hobbies are the best for bolstering your C.V. and make you more employable at the end of your university life?

Creative Writing

For creatives, employment after university can feel as abstract as the paintings you admire. But, if you understand the right way to tailor your experience and hobbies on your C.V., then this does not have to be the case. Include your creative passions, you may be surprised by how well they can translate to valuable workplace skills! Creative writing, for example, whether in the form of poetry, short stories or even a full-blown novel can showcase your strengths as a writer.

For positions such as editing, marketing or even most office-based jobs this is a skill that is highly valuable. Strong written communication skills are important for a cohesive workforce, so don’t be afraid to show off about this!


An employee that seeks to expand their horizons and learn new things is an attractive hire. Showcasing this on your C.V. without simply saying ‘I like to learn’, however, can be an issue. Travelling can be a way to show and not tell employers about this, as well as communicate that you are willing to experience new environments regularly. This could be great for roles which see a lot of travel or face-to-face meetings with clients, as you will show you are willing to go that extra mile and are used to interacting with new people.


What happens when you combine the exciting activities of your life and a passion for recording these adventures in either word or video format? The beginning of a thriving blog page or YouTube channel, so long as you post frequently and produce good content. Not only does this give your aforementioned creativity a home for potential employers to visit, but it also shows that you are able to commit to something and see it through.


Teamwork. The bread and butter of many successful work environments. Being able to get along and work well with others is an integral skill in the modern workplace, one an employer will want to be sure of before they hire you. This is especially important as a graduate because if you have no tangible long-term work experience this can be difficult to prove. A sporty hobby can be your saving grace in this respect.

Team sports such as football, netball, hockey or even doubles tennis can be a great way to let your employer know you work well with others. Captaining or otherwise coaching these teams can be further helpful, allowing you to display leadership qualities early in your career.

Of course, no hobby can be done without a space to do it over the summer break and into the brand-new term. So, search our website to locate your perfect room in Lancaster today!