How to Be a Productive Student with a Little Help from Student Housing

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Accommodation, Lancaster, Students

Being a student means that, sometimes, you have to knuckle down and be productive – especially when deadlines are on the way. However, this doesn’t have to be difficult; if you have the right tools and the right study space in your student home, you can not only find it much easier, but you may just enjoy kicking back and… getting productive! So, flip up that laptop screen, get comfortable and get ready to smash through all the work. Want to know how?

Studying late

Eat and Drink Well

Eating healthy is an essential part of any balanced and healthy lifestyle, but as a student, it can be even more vital. While it may be tempting to order a pizza or have a microwavable meal while you’re studying, as it’s quick and easy, if you eat well you’ll feel much better and will get stuck into your piles of work more easily.

The foods you eat can have a direct impact on your performance and productivity.

If you know you have a long week ahead of having to be productive, why not plan ahead and do a big weekly shop? Stock the cupboards in your student house and be fully prepared for rumbling tummies and a dip in energy – which you can combat by foraging in those same cupboards! Don’t forget that carbs can kill productivity levels and low blood sugar/glucose levels equal low self-control.

Diet options to help benefit productivity

Get a Routine

Routines are great for productivity levels; in fact, the most successful people have structured routines, and it’s all for a good reason. Routines bring many benefits, including even helping you improve skills like creativity. They can also make you feel more relaxed and give you more of a structure to be productive. Get yourself a calendar or schedule in your room – or even use post-it notes to set goals and your routine for the week.

Organised study groups can be great to add into a routine, as you are more likely to attend because you don’t want to let anyone down. This way, you have extra support and help with studying – all while seeing friends at the same time. Why not gather in your student home and be productive together?

Sleeping Students!

A good night’s sleep is essential to everyone – including you! Researcher of sleep, Daniel Kripke, in an interview said that “people who sleep between 6.5 and 7.5 hours every night live the longest, are happier and most productive” however, it does depend on each individual.

Being tired is not good for anyone when they know they have lots of things to check off a to-do list.

Be sure to make your bedroom your own slice of heaven, plump up your pillows and invest in a comfortable duvet to make your student room perfect for a good night’s sleep. With a routine, a healthy diet, and an irresistible bed, you’ve got the winning tactic! The perfect reward for a long day of productivity is to get into your cosy bed and relax…

productivity tips for students from student housing lancaster

The Ideal Student Workspace

The great thing about choosing student housing instead of halls is that you have your own workspace desk to turn into your own study hub. You can customise it to how you work best – get some plants surrounding your PC, add an organiser, some framed photos or whatever you want! Loving your dedicated workspace is the first step to wanting to spend time there.

A decluttered and clean space is also key. Before you settle down at your desk, be sure to give it a quick tidy – you are sure to feel more prepared to be there for the long run!

If you are looking for productivity as a part of your student life, Student Housing Lancaster are here for you. We offer plenty of benefits which we believe contribute to student productivity – from the ideal kitchen space to prepare nutritious and productivity-boosting meals to a cosy student bedroom for all, not to mention the easy payments, large rooms with double beds, plenty of storage space and much more.

Get in touch with us to find out more and book your student housing for the upcoming year! You can view all our properties and rooms to see for yourself.