How to Dress Your Study Space for Success

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Accommodation, Lancaster, Students

Christmas is over, and suddenly January exams and essay deadlines look an awful lot closer than they did a few weeks ago. If you’re planning to smash your exams this January, the first thing you’ve got to consider is your study space: making it a quiet, relaxed, and productive space will get you well on your way to studying effectively and acing your exams. Here are our top tips for ensuring your study space is well equipped for studying success.

Get the Right Equipment

Stocking up on supplies should be your number one priority. You should already have a desk, and ideally, one that you feel comfortable working at for long periods. Make sure your desk and chair are adjusted to be at the right height for your body, to avoid cramp and back pain.

Next, get yourself to the shops and stock up on revision stationery – highlighters, gel pens, pencils, sticky notes: whatever might come in handy. Revising with a full arsenal of stationery behind you makes the job that bit more fun, which will come in handy when that Game of Thrones boxset is calling out to you during a particularly arduous study session at 3am.

Make your Study Space Cosy

You won’t get a lot of studying done if you’re not relaxed and comfortable at your desk.

Clear your desk of clutter so your elbows aren’t constantly banging into piles of books and paper; decorate the wall or noticeboard around your desk with photos of friends and family that make you feel happy and motivated; and make sure your study space is well-lit: enough that you’re not straining your eyes at night, but not so bright that your desk starts to resemble a dentist’s chair.


Know Yourself

Think hard about what does and doesn’t work for you when you’re studying. Are you a morning person, or a night-owl? Do you like to study while the house is silent, and your flatmates are still snoozing? Or do you prefer to throw on headphones and crank up the music to drown out the sounds of GTA V coming from the living room? Do you find it impossible to concentrate on an empty stomach?

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses can make effective studying a much simpler task. Make sure you’re well equipped with headphones, snacks, coffee, and blankets – or whatever it is you’re going to need to get you those A grades.

Knowledge of your own limitations will also be useful when it comes to planning out your study sessions; make sure you carve out study time during those hours of the day when your brain is limber.

Remember to keep on top of your studies this January, but don’t work too hard – taking a break is important too. If you’re still on the lookout for your study space in the form of student lets in Lancaster, get in touch with us today by phoning 01524 66931 / 07866 851 145 or by sending an email to