How to Prepare the Perfect Study Space

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Accommodation, Lancaster

Exams are creeping closer day by day, yet you still can’t force yourself to study. It’s a problem that many a student faces daily. A constant battle with that age-old nemesis of academia: motivation.

One way to win this battle is by creating a harmonious and constructive study space. The better your study space, or less distracting as the case may be, the better it will be for you to get your head down and fill your brain with the information you need.

So, what do you need to do to turn your bedroom into the perfect study space that will get you the grades of your dreams?


A messy desk is the product of a messy mind. It also makes studying extremely difficult. Taking the time now to neatly organise, or at least make sense of the mess, is the best start that your revision can have. This can take a number of forms; organising your desk space itself, putting your different course materials into binders and even assigning different topics a specific colour to help your coordination.

You should also be careful to organise your time. Of course, it can’t be all work and no play or you will burn out. Managing your time is important to ensure your brain is stimulated with a careful balance of learning and relaxation. Set yourself a timetable, take a night off here and there, and you may find the motivation you have been sorely lacking!

Snuffle Distractions

Distractions are the bane of any revisionists’ life. Phones, television and even your housemates can take you out of the revision zone. Put your phone on silent (preferably on the other side of the room or in a drawer), move the television out of sight and put some headphones on. The less distracted you are, the longer your concentration will hold.

Of course, a planned distraction is never a bad thing. Go downstairs and watch a show for half an hour at lunch. It may give you the procrastination buzz that you need to go back to solid revision.

Don’t Be Afraid to Venture

Sometimes, the four walls of your bedroom can feel restrictive after a long period of revision. Don’t be afraid to go for a stint in the library, garden or even on a rejuvenating walk through Lancaster. A change of scenery can put the steam back in your engines. Better yet, you will come back to a well-prepared space that is ready for your newly found energy.

Leaving your room for a different revision area can be one of the best ways that you learn to appreciate a well-organised space.

The perfect study space is one that, ultimately, offers you the time to get your revision done and learn as much as possible. If you want the perfect study space for the upcoming academic year, search our website to locate your perfect room in Lancaster today!