Time to Chill out: How to Relax Post-Exam

by | May 19, 2017 | Students

At Student Housing Lancaster, we know how tough your exams can be and how much you want to relax after it. Deciding just how to do that, though, can be difficult. There’s a world of things you miss out on because of exams, so deciding what to do first once you’re free might make you feel a bit like a child in a candy shop.

With your last exam out of the way, what should you be doing to relax after so much stress?

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This is the most obvious answer and probably the one you are looking forward to. Exams mean stress, stress means lack of sleep and no sleep means you’re exhausted. Without the threat of exams, you finally have a chance to snooze away all of that stress and lose yourself in a dream or two. The first few days after an exam season will inevitably be spent regaining your lost energy, so enjoy it while you can!

Read Away the Day

Textbooks, critical essays and seminars don’t make the most interesting of reading materials. Fact. So, once the academic year has come to a close you want to be able to relax with something a little more exciting. Fantasy, thrillers or even a romance await you at your nearest bookstore. Delve into a book or two to make your post-exam time an adventure to remember.

How to Relax

Enjoy Your Hobby

Sometimes, during the exam season, your hobbies can fall away to the side whether you want them to or not. Free time is often a far-off dream as far as revision is concerned. Luckily, once the summer kicks in fully you will be able to enjoy your free time doing the things you love yet again. Whether that is hiking through the Lake District, enjoying a Netflix binge (hey, for some people this is a hobby), or listening to amazing music, you can enjoy it with no worries!

Or, you could even start a new hobby to take your mind off of the potential results of your exams. Learn a language, buy a bike or take up the ancient art of cross stitching. The world is your oyster!

Soak Up the Sun

The worst thing about exams is that, more often than not, even in the temperamental UK weather you will find yourself sat in the exam hall as the sun is shining brightly. Once your exams are over you can actually enjoy this amazing weather without having to worry about the looming deadlines. Good for vitamin D and improving your mood, it’s best to take advantage of the sun while it lasts, after all!

Break out the BBQ to make it a more social outgoing, either with your friends or family. Grill some burgers, put a bit of butter on your corn on the cobb and wash it all down with a cool cider. British summertime perfection!

Another great way to relax is having peace of mind that your accommodation is sorted for the next academic term!