Did You Know That Lancaster is a Fairtrade City?

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Lancaster

We have all heard the term fairtrade before. Indeed, it may be something you actively seek out when buying your weekly shop. However, did you know that Lancaster itself is a fairtrade city?

As a Lancaster citizen, from Bowerham to The Lune, being a fairtrade city has a huge impact on the quality of life you enjoy in Lancaster. But, what exactly does it mean to be a fairtrade city and how can you support this?

What is Fairtrade?

As a movement, fairtrade is dedicated to combating poverty that plagues food producers in disadvantaged countries. Often, you will find the FAIRTRADE Mark on tea and coffee, but it is something which can be found on many more products around the supermarket and other shops. Soap, bananas, wine, cotton and others can all be found under the fairtrade mark here in the district of Lancaster.

The status of a fairtrade city makes Lancaster uniquely able to allow its citizens to live a life which helps those across the world to live in less poverty-stricken conditions.

Lancaster Fairtrade

In March 2004, Lancaster was awarded the status of a ‘Fairtrade District’, a distinction that came directly from the Fairtrade Foundation themselves. It is a title which acknowledges and lets people know that, as a city, there are many outlets which supply fairtrade products, as well as many businesses which actively support the movement.

Every year, the number of organisations which support fairtrade in the district increases due to the efforts of the council; these include cafés and retail outlets, for those who wish to source ethically.

How Can You Support Fairtrade?

Of course, fairtrade doesn’t have to be just on a citywide scale. Starting a more fairtrade lifestyle can begin with only a few small changes in your own home. It may seem like the more expensive option, but the smallest increase in price can make a real difference to the lives of those who source your products.

Using fairtrade products is only one of the ways that you can support this district-wide endeavour, however. You can encourage your societies, schools and even workplaces to adopt fairtrade practices and strengthen Lancaster’s status even further. This would be on a scale much larger than your own household, with the added benefit of perhaps encouraging others to become more fairtrade-minded also.

Or, you could also dedicate some time out of your busy life to fundraising. Organisations go out of their way to supply a living wage to workers in poverty, so helping these organisations is a great way to bolster your fairtrade efforts. An example of one such organisation is Traidcraft, a UK-based organisation that has been supporting the fairtrade cause since 1979.

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