Student Housing Lancaster are Opening a New Office

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Lancaster, Latest News

In accordance with our dedication to bringing outstanding service to our customers, Student Housing Lancaster are expanding by opening a brand-new office in Lancaster. Right in the heart of a thriving student area, our new office can be found on Prospect Street, right around the corner from the University of Cumbria.

This office will be open alongside the office we already have in Lancaster city centre on Kings Arcade, allowing our presence in Lancaster to be even more convenient for students who rent with us. Our brand-new, conveniently-located office is close to many Student Housing Lancaster properties in an incredibly popular student area and will be available to students should they need to come in and see us.

Not only does the new office location create a new, more accessibly located place to sign your contract, but you can view our managed properties in that area; if you decide to rent, you can go straight to our new office on Prospect Street to sign your contract on the same day. No fuss, no hassle!

But it doesn’t just stop there. As well as being an information hub and a convenient place to sign contracts, we plan to implement a parcel drop-off service in this new office. We know how popular online deliveries are for students, and how much of a headache it can be not knowing whether your parcel will arrive at a time when someone is at home to take it. Well, our office drop-off service gives you, our tenants, the piece of mind to order your packages for delivery without having to worry about this predicament. Instead, our Prospect Street office will be available to receive your parcel deliveries, which you can then pick up from us at your earliest convenience.

At Student Housing Lancaster, our aim is to provide a simple and easy service for you, the students. Our new office opens up a new avenue of easy access to our services; along with our current office on Kings Arcade and our website, we continue to improve our services both online and in person.

If you have any queries about any of Student Housing Lancaster’s services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us through our website to make a direct enquiry, call us on 01524 66931, or pop in to see us at either of our two offices located on Kings Arcade and Prospect Street.