Temporary Christmas Jobs for Students: Answering Your Questions

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Lancaster, Latest News, Students

Money can be a difficult and uncomfortable topic, especially for students, often heightened by Christmas. This is because there’s so much to pay for – gifts for family and friends, endless nights out and travelling home are just some factors to consider when planning your budget for December.

Some students choose to have a part-time job while studying at university, and others will make do with their student loans. Each is personal preference, but some students often choose to have a temporary Christmas job for the festive period to tide them over until the new year, when everything settles down a bit.

In today’s blog, Student Housing Lancaster is helping to put your mind at ease and provide you with everything you need to know about temporary Christmas jobs for students. So, whether you want to know when the best time to apply is, or you need some information on which dates your employer will expect you to work – we have you covered.

What is a Temporary Christmas Job and Why Should I Get One?

Companies, usually in the retail and hospitality industries, offer temporary Christmas jobs over the festive period to help with the increase of demand during this time. There are many benefits to this, including the lack of notice period and no long-term commitment – perfect for students who want to focus on their studies or are on the move.    

If you fancy a bit of extra cash over Christmas but don’t want to commit to a permanent job, getting a temporary Christmas job is the perfect solution. Aside from the money, it is ideal for getting some experience while your university work settles down for December. It doesn’t matter if the job is in a field you would like your career to be in; in most cases, any work experience is better than none at all.

Student working from home in a temporary freelance christmas job

How Do I Find a Temporary Christmas Job?

There are a few different ways you can find yourself a temporary Christmas job – let’s take a look.

Online. It’s as simple as it sounds – take some time to look up your city on job search websites using the temporary filter or by searching for temporary Christmas jobs. You’re guaranteed to find a few options this way, especially if you live in a big city.

Through university. If you’re choosing to look for a job in your university city and not at home, the careers department can help. Companies often notify the university if they have positions available, so it’s a great place to go.

On foot. Smaller and independent companies may not widely advertise their temporary Christmas job vacancies, so it’s a great idea to walk around and visit some of the places you would like to work. Just ask the owners and managers if they are hiring over Christmas, and you may find your perfect temporary job. Also, making an effort to show your face to potential employers is always a great idea and makes you stand out amongst those who applied online.

Which Job is Right for Me?

Please don’t worry too much about if the position is your ideal job role. Keep in mind that it is a temporary position, and in most cases, you won’t carry on the job past January. So don’t be too picky when deciding which job is right for you – if you need work over Christmas, just make sure that it’s something you’re comfortable and happy doing for a short period.

As mentioned, companies hire around this time to keep up with the demand of the Christmas period, so you will often find that hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars will be hiring. Additionally, if you’ve ever done some last-minute Christmas shopping, you’ll know that department stores, supermarkets, toy shops, and almost every other aspect of retail gets increasingly busier – so keep an eye out for your favourite shops looking for a helping hand.

If you’re unsure where you will be over Christmas or maybe spending time with family and friends is high on your priority list? Why not look for temporary working from home roles?      Freelance writing jobs and customer service jobs are almost always hiring, especially during the festive season.

A temporary Christmas job is also a fantastic opportunity to try something completely new. Don’t forget that Santa needs some Elves in his shopping centre workshop!

When Should I Apply?

In short: now! Don’t wait until two weeks before Christmas to look for a job; it’s better to be early than miss out on opportunities. Many students will be thinking the same thing, so don’t waste any time and start the job search today if it’s something you’re interested in.

Student delivery driving in his temporary christmas job

What Hours Will My Employer Expect Me to Work?

Many, if not all, temporary Christmas jobs will expect you to work weekends and evenings. This is because these are often the busiest periods for the industries that get busy in December.

Additionally, depending on which industry your job falls into, you might be expected to work Christmas day. Although this isn’t ideal for most people, sometimes you will be paid time and a half, double, or even triple your standard hourly wage. You will also find that customers and guests appreciate workers a little more on Christmas day, so you could find yourself with some generous tips.

Can I Keep the Position After Christmas?

It’s called a temporary job for a reason, so often you can’t keep the position after the festive period, usually early to mid-January. However, if the company is hiring, or you stood out as an excellent worker, you could find yourself with the option to carry on the role past this time. Don’t worry though, this won’t be expected of you. If you feel as though you couldn’t work alongside university or had a temporary job in your home town and you’re moving back to university, there won’t be any pressure to stay.

We hope this has been helpful, and you now feel better equipped to begin your temporary Christmas job hunt and start earning some extra cash. If you’re moving to university and are looking for student accommodation in Lancaster or Lancaster University postgraduate accommodation, please consider Student Housing Lancaster. Browse our website, or get in touch to find the perfect accommodation for you.