What Are The Best Things About Student Accommodation?

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Accommodation, Lancaster, Students

If you ask anyone about their University experience, they will tell you all about the amazing experiences they had and how it was the best time of their lives – and how difficult it is to leave!

It is easy to understand why. Uni life is all about trying new things and making new friends (including housemates!), and staying in student accommodation (off-campus) can help you do just that – giving you freedom, independence, and new experiences.

Meeting Like-Minded People

One of the best things about living in student accommodation is meeting and living with people like you. Being surrounded by fellow students who share the same passions and interests will make your Uni experience even better; and the friends you make along the way, including your housemates, might even be your friends for life!

And, of course, if your housemates do not have similar tastes, you can still enjoy yourself and can offer you opportunities to try new foods, get to know new places, try music you never knew existed, and just have new experiences in general. Who knows, you might even discover a passion for hobbies you never thought you’d like.

Exploring a New City

Getting to know a new place will give you plenty of new experiences as well. As with any university location, when you stay (off-campus) in student accommodation in Lancaster, you have the opportunity to just go out and explore your surroundings, discover the city’s nooks and crannies, enjoy the cafés and art galleries, go out with friends, and much, much more.

Every city has its nuances and uniqueness, and Lancaster is no different! There are plenty of things you can see and do in this historic city, like exploring the canal and enjoying the many pubs and bars strewn all over Lancaster.

Living Independently

For many, staying in a house, studio, flat, etc, is the first time they live away from their parents. While moving out of the house you’ve known all your life can be daunting at first, it is an amazing experience that many students relish – and we’re sure you will too! Living in student accommodation will give you many life lessons, like learning to use the washing machine, creating a budget and learning to balance your finances, as well as going out, socialising and attending events…

Immersing Yourself in the Student Life

A lot of students who live at home while attending University might find it a little difficult to take full advantage of Uni life. Staying in student accommodation, however, can help you immerse yourself in student life, as everyone around you is in the same position you are (they share the same frustrations, the same stresses and the same joys – especially after finishing an exam)!

There will always be something going on and you’ll find yourself surrounded by all things Uni, which will give you a very different experience than if you’re living at home; both in the house and in the city.

Living in a student property while at University offers many benefits that you might not be able to enjoy if you’re living at home. Book a viewing to see for yourself the amazing properties we offer, from City Centre studios to 9-10 bed houses with 6 bathrooms and anything in between, our choice of student accommodation in Lancaster is huge and you too can be taking advantage of student life very soon!