Get Productive: Top Tips to Have a Successful Summer

by | May 11, 2017 | Students

Right now, you might be midway through your exams or just about to start them. Amidst the wealth of revision and worrying, you might be wondering if there will an ever be an end. Of course, by the time you’re heading home for the summer break, this will all seem like a long-lost dream rather than the ball of stress it is at the moment. If it all feels too much, just remember the exciting plans you have for the summer and the relief you will feel after your exams are over.

However, it’s easy to let the languid feeling of summer overtake you and end up wasting the valuable weeks you have available to you. So, with that in mind, what should you be doing to ensure your summer is productive and not just a blur of Netflix?

Get a Job

The most proactive thing you can do for your future career – not to mention your wallet – is to get yourself a summer job or internship. It can look good to future employers that you didn’t spend your summer wasting away, but aimed to better yourself at every opportunity!

Also, for anyone that doesn’t quite know what they want to do after university, this is a great chance to test the waters. It’s better to commit yourself to a couple of months of work and hate it, rather than a full year of regretting your choice of career.

Learn a New Skill

A job may be good for your C.V. and impressive for prospective employers, but equally important are the skills that you showcase on this all-important document. No matter whether it’s something a little more creative, such as learning the guitar, or something more aimed at your long-term professional goals, such as getting a qualification in your chosen field.

For those looking to start a career in the increasingly online world, you should think about learning a few basics about HTML coding. Knowing how to build or change a website is a very important skill in the modern workplace. Best of all, it is a skill you can learn for free!


Take advantage of the sunny weather of summer (fingers crossed, anyway) and get healthy. Whether this is a run twice a week, a better diet suited to the warm summer months (yes, the dreaded salad) or even joining a gym class or two. However, if you choose to get healthier this summer remember to stick with it! Term time can be busy and stressful, leaving little time for you to exercise. Get started now and fitting it in will seem much easier by the time you’re back at university!


Networking doesn’t have to be something that is exclusive to businessmen in expensive suits. There may be some people in your life that would be stellar contacts at the end of university in your job hunting endeavours, whether as a great recommendation or even as a branch to get in contact with a prospective employer. It could be as easy as asking a professor, but you may have much more connections than you ever dreamt of if you look hard enough! Your dream career could be at the end of that cold message.

Broaden Your Horizons

Of course, all work and no play leaves you with very few exciting stories to relate back to your friends at the end of summer. With that in mind, start looking now for cheap holiday deals that can inject some excitement into your summer break. You may be surprised by all of the amazing places you can explore on a budget.

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