What are the Best Ways to Revise for My Exams?

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Students

Exam season is nearly upon us and students everywhere are starting to feel the pressure… you might be panicking a bit right now about how much (or how little) revision you’ve done, especially in the run-up to your exams. Still, no need to fret, as it’s never too late to start revising for the upcoming season! Our tips can all be done throughout our student accommodation in Lancaster, as in any university town & city, which makes these ideas as easy as 123. 

We’ve already talked about how to prepare the perfect space so that you can enter the right state of mind when studying; in order to ensure that you are prepared for what’s to come, we’ve compiled the best revision tips that will help you get the results you want!

Organise Study Groups

We’re well aware that group study sessions are not for everyone. After all, some students thrive on studying alone and in silence, while others love to surround themselves with noise and other people. If you belong to the latter category, you might try getting together with your friends for a study session.

They could help you answer questions you’re not completely sure of and you can do the same for them. As long as you don’t lose focus and distract yourselves with other topics (what you’re doing the next Friday night, for example…), you’ll find the session incredibly beneficial!

Quiz Yourself

A fantastic way to ensure that you’ve learned everything you need to know to succeed in your exam, try quizzes. Although, when everyone’s busy studying for exams as well, it can be difficult to get your friends or housemates to quiz you; in that case, do it yourself! Write questions down and try to answer them. Then check the answers to make sure that you got them right.

This method not only helps you to have a deeper understanding of what you know and don’t know, but it also helps you remember the subject more easily.

Eat Well

Caffeine and chocolate can only get you so far. While they do provide a burst of energy, this is usually short-lived and will make you feel more tired once the effect wears off. If you stay hydrated on water (avoid energy drinks) and eat healthy snacks, you’ll find yourself feeling less anxious about exam season – and learning will be an easier process too!

Refrain from wolfing down those chocolate bars that you crave so much and opt instead for carrot sticks, apples, nuts, blueberries and other nutritional ‘brain foods’.

Start Early

Sure, getting up early every day to study might not be an exciting prospect. However, it can help you immensely when it’s time to revise subjects. Starting in the morning means that you can stop in the afternoon and still have plenty of time to spend with friends or even just watching something on TV.

Although everyone is different, most people tend to have more energy right after waking up. Once you’ve been out and about doing other things, you might be too tired to study properly, later on, so make sure to revise when your brain is more alert.

Plan Your Day

A great way to make sure you sit down to study is by creating a timetable. Reward yourself with breaks every 30 to 60 minutes at least; focusing on the same subject for longer than this might have the opposite effect to what you want, as your concentration will wane.

Take short, frequent breaks and stick to the schedule from beginning to end. If you start at 9 am and finish at 3 pm, you’ve already accomplished several hours of studying, even with pauses!

At Student Housing Lancaster, we know just how important – and stressful – exam season is, so we want you to be ready for it! Having the right place to sit down and focus on revising subjects is crucial, which is why we offer fantastic student houses at great prices with a reputable name, so you can focus on your studies rather than the ins and outs of renting a house.