Hit The Jackpot: Top Ways to Get the Best Summer Job

by | May 16, 2017 | Students

Summer is coming and with it the endless barbeques, long sunny days and the feeling that the next university term is very far away. Ideal days that you wish would last forever. However, for the savvy student, it’s not a case of all fun and no work. For many looking to have a productive summer, earning a little extra money or getting valuable experience for a future career is just as important! But, it’s often a lot easier said than done.

If you’re struggling with how to start looking for a job this summer, then follow a few of these simple tips:

Don’t Rely on the Internet

The temptation to sit at home and simply search the internet for an opportunity is greatly tempting. It’s how a lot of job searching is done in the modern age, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best method as a student. You may be surprised by how many opportunities are hiding the depths of your own network. Ask your family and friends, after all some jobs – especially internships and summer opportunities – will be offered out to a personal network long before they hit the internet.

Top Summer Job Tips

Play the Field

It’s easy to fall back to a typical retail job for the summer, especially when you just want to earn a little extra cash over the two-month holiday. But, for the benefit of your future career, this may not be the best thing for you to do. Think about the career you may wish to one day pursue and seek an internship in that field. Not sure? Use your summers in between university years to ‘try out’ a few industries, you may be pleasantly surprised and enjoy an industry you never thought of before!

Ultimately, experience in an office looks fantastic on your C.V. for when you come to the all-important day of hunting for a permanent graduate job. With that in mind, don’t waste your time now!

Search Far and Wide

Tempted to stay in your hometown this summer as you work? It’s great to be surrounded by friends and family, no denying it, but a summer job is also the best way to spread your wings! Don’t limit your job search to the comforting restraints of home and you may be surprised by the opportunities that open up to you. Better yet, you will have the chance to live somewhere new.

For a real adventure apply abroad and work in another country for the summer!

Sanitise Social Media

As a student, you may find that your social media can be a full of things that aren’t work-friendly. Endless photos of you in the local student club? Good memories, but not the most promising prospect for a future employer trying to analyse your suitability for a role. In the modern world, you will likely be searched for (even if they say they don’t). Be wary of this and make sure your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts are as squeaky clean as possible!

Top Tips Student Summer work

Start a Business

Not sure a conventional job is right for you this summer? Starting your own business may be a fantastic way to spend the summer – perhaps even the rest of your life if it goes well! Of course, this isn’t practical for everyone. But, if you have a good idea why not try it out? As a student, you have more time and freedom at this point in your life than you ever will again.

And if it fails? Well, you have a great story for the summer and a learning experience to fill out your C.V. with.

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