Money Misery: Bored Student on a Budget- Part 2

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Lancaster, Students

In part one, we discussed four ways to beat the boredom of the student down time. After all the stress of the exams and the days of living in the library, it can be a sudden shock when you don’t have to clock watch and keep an eye on your deadlines. When all is done, and you and your bank balance is looking and feeling a bit worse for wear, you should treat yourself to some well-deserved fun. But how do you do that without owing Student Finance, and your overdraft an arm and a leg?

Al Fresco Dining

A few cans of pop, a bag of cookies and a few home-made sandwiches and you’ve got yourself a picnic! Put your local park to use, grab a few friends and go chill out in the sun for the day. Now that the weather is getting better, try upping your picnic game. You could even take a rounder’s bat or a football.

Cheap Pub Trip

A trip out to the local pub doesn’t necessarily need to be a late one or even an expensive one. At least one pub in your area is likely to host a comedy night, open mic night or, even better… a quiz night. You could spend under a tenner, have a laugh, listen to some great live music or get your competitive streak out to win your team that round of free drinks.

Jacobs Joint

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to create a gathering is a Jacobs joint or a potluck party! Get a Facebook invite out, get a few friends around with their contribution to food, and chill out. What’s better than relaxing with food and good company? You could even set a theme, such as Mexican; one person brings the burrito fillings, another brings the nachos!

The Great Outdoors

With the weather getting better, there’s no reason to be stuck indoors. If you’re bored of Pokémon Go, try Geocaching, the worldwide treasure hunt app. The great outdoors has much to offer, and the local park will probably be hosting plenty of events during the summer. Why not check out what’s happening in your local area? It might surprise you.

Get Creative

Whether you study Biology or Classic Art, everyone has a creative streak in them, and letting it go wild can be fun and also let off some steam. Whether this be writing, reading, painting or drawing, just let your creativity flow. Anyone can make a short movie if they have a smart phone, so why not have a go?

When on a budget, it can seem like letting your hair down after your exams can be an almost impossible task, but even a fiver can go a long way if you’re careful. Lancaster hosts so many things to do, that doesn’t cost too much. There are plenty of exciting adventures on your doorstep. Whether you are staying in and watching Netflix, or out with some friends, we have the perfect city-centred accommodation for you. If you would like to find out any more, simply get in touch with our friendly team.