When to Start Looking for Student Accommodation

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Accommodation, Students

University can be a stressful time – applying for your course, making friends, finding student accommodation etc. However, when you have your student housing sorted, you can definitely start to relax. While you may have many big (and small) questions before you set off for your first or second year of studying, perhaps the biggest question is ‘when do I need to start looking for student accommodation?’

Once you’ve got your exams and college/sixth form studies out of the way, you’ll begin to consider all the aspects of student living – accreditations, landlords, flatmates, deposits etc. However, don’t panic, as the team here at Student Housing Lancaster like to make things super easy for you! We have all the info you need, we are always ready to lend a helping hand, and we are committed to doing all the hard work so you don’t have to worry.

So, when should you start searching for the perfect student home?

First Year Search

  • Research is key; it’s important to start looking early
  • Don’t be put off by the quick turnaround time
  • Get excited!

First of all, it’s completely normal to feel like a fish out of water. It’s a big step, but it’s also an incredibly exciting one. Take your first step by simply doing some research. Get swiping and searching to see what kind of house you want to live in before you even get your results. Is the kitchen important to you because you like cooking? Is the perfect snug bedroom a must-have for your reading time? Or maybe you need a big enough TV to watch all your favourite shows on…

Research is key, and it will help you to get excited about moving out and having your own space!

Don’t forget, there is a quick turnaround time from receiving your results, but whatever you do, don’t wait till you receive them before you begin your research. You have from August to mid-September to have a viewing, book your house, pay the deposit, and get moved in.

Halls V House

While some students choose to live in halls for their first year, opting for housing instead is a much better option for most people.

Whether you are settling into a house with previous friends or not, you’ll still have the time of your life! You’ll feel right at home in this type of environment and there’s no doubt about it-  it’s certainly less daunting. When you compare the plain and clinical-feeling walls of halls to the homely and characteristic atmosphere within a student house, there really is no competition.

Second and Third Year Search

  • Start searching as early as Christmas!
  • Gather the friends you know you want to live with
  • Give yourself plenty of time
  • Enjoy your Summer!

If you’ve been living in halls during your first year, you probably now have a new group of friends that you want to live with in second year – a place to kick back, order pizza, relax or knuckle down at your desk without any disturbances.

With your trusty troop of friends by your side, you should start the search for your new pad as earlier as Christmas time! Yes, that early. The sooner the better right? Then you don’t have to worry!

December can be a great time to have a viewing and sort your deposit because you probably have a bit of free time over Christmas to meet up with your new flat mates before the January exams kick in.

Whatever you do, find a house before the summer, the end of your course and previous tenancy agreement ends – July gets super busy for students in a last-minute rush to find accommodation.

Overall, make sure you begin looking (and booking!) anytime between December and June, but the earlier the better!

Happy students

Renting is easy with Student Housing Lancaster. We want to make your life easier, which is why you can simply choose one of our houses and leave the rest to us. Fill in the enquiry form, tell us your requirements, and we will find the perfect home for you; no matter when!

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