Why the New Year Is the Perfect Time to Start Applying for Student Accommodation

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Accommodation, Booking, Lancaster, Students

As a student, it can be a stressful time when it comes to choosing your accommodation for the upcoming year. Every year thousands of students across the UK must search to find the ideal student home to continue their studies in. With impending deadlines and the pressure that can already come with university life, we at Student Housing Lancaster want to make finding your new home as stress-free as possible. Whether you are a first-year student looking for your first off-campus home or you are a mature student simply needing a house for your final years, finding suitable student accommodation is critical.

As experts in student accommodation in Lancaster, we’re looking at why January is the perfect time to start looking and applying for your student accommodation for the following year. 

Beating the Rush

As there will be students from all year groups looking for housing within the same city, you can imagine the volume of competition for housing. This is why it is best to get ahead of the rush and secure your future housing before the house hunting rush begins.

Students can begin to look for houses at any time of the year, with June and July being the busiest months. However, January remains a perfect time to start your search as it ensures that you are months ahead of the rush. In addition, with Lancaster University academic years beginning around the end of September and the start of October, waiting until January to start house hunting gives new students plenty of time to make friends.

Finding Your Perfect Accommodation

Some students may look for housing in October, November, and December. However, Lancaster University Student Union have recently launched a campaign to stop housing haste. This campaign stresses that students’ need not rush into contracts without knowing their contract rights or their housemates. Furthermore, the campaign emphasises that January is a perfect time as it allows you to get to know your future housemates whilst still beating the rush.

Student moving into a new accommodation

Choosing your future student accommodation is not a decision you should take lightly. You will spend a full year of your academic life living in the home you select, and so it is crucial to view a variety of properties to find the perfect one for you and your friends. Many different properties are available from Student Housing Lancaster, including student flats in Lancaster. Each property type offers various differing facilities, from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to the size of each room. It is essential to consider these factors when finding the perfect accommodation as a happy living space can help to relieve stress.

Another important factor that you should consider is location. Starting your house hunt in January gives you enough time to discuss what everyone is looking for with future housemates and agree on the type of house and location that benefits you all. It also gives you plenty of time to view a selection of different properties to ensure you tick everyone’s boxes.

Focusing on Your Studies

As exam season can begin as early as May, remove the stress of house hunting early to focus entirely on your studies. Exams can prove a stressful time for every student, so having the excess worry of finding a house for next year can add to that pressure. In January, looking for student accommodation is early enough that you are not preoccupied with exams, so you have time and energy to find your ideal home.

The last thing you want to worry about when revising is where you will live next year. With Student Housing Lancaster, we can assist you in finding student accommodation in the New Year, ensuring that you can entirely focus on exams and studies when the time comes. With this as peace of mind, you are sure to choose the ideal student house as well as smashing your exams.

Students gathering round to discuss their accommodation plans for the new year

Budgeting for the Upcoming Year

As a young student, this is likely one of the first times you independently deal with your own finances. Whether you have a student loan or are privately funded, budgeting is critical in student life. Student houses across Lancaster offer a range of prices dependent on the house and its facilities. Whichever home you choose, it may mean that you need to save a little extra money in the previous year.

Finding your house in January gives you enough time to save extra money, and it also allows you to set a budget for the upcoming year. With a set budget, you are free to book forthcoming events and make future plans.

Start House Hunting in January with Student Housing Lancaster

At Student Housing Lancaster, we aim to make your house hunting journey as painless as possible. Finding your ideal student home has never been easier with our friendly and helpful staff members and our range of properties, including those suitable for Lancaster University postgraduate accommodation. For more information on any of our properties or to arrange a viewing, contact us today. We hope to see you all in the New Year!