How do I book a property or room?

To book a room or property, please contact our office on 01524 66931 or email lettings@studenthousinglancaster.co.uk. Or simply call into our office. You will need to pay the stated deposit and sign your contract to secure a property. Once this is paid, the property is taken off the market.

Do I need to book a whole property or can I book an individual room?

This varies depending on the property, you can book an individual room if available. Most of our properties have to be taken as a whole with a group of tenants who sign a joint tenancy. We do have studio flats which are for 1-2 people as well as some larger flats where we allow booking of individual rooms.

How much is the deposit I need to pay?

Our usual deposit amount is £100 but each property is set individually. Any deposit given to SHL is held in a “Deposit Protection Scheme”. https://www.mydeposits.co.uk/

Can I speak to an existing tenant for a reference?

Yes. We actually recommend you to speak to our existing tenants to gather a true view of the quality of our properties and our customer service. Also, we have online reviews to check out on Facebook and Google.

Does all student accommodation require a guarantor?

Yes, as a tenant, you will be asked to provide a guarantor for your tenancy. A guarantor is someone who guarantees the rent & financial commitments on your behalf (usually a family member) and is to be UK based. They will be liable for any payments that you cannot meet within the given deadlines.

What is included in the rent? (in an all-inclusive contract)

* Utility Allowance for gas and electricity for the term of the tenancy. * Unlimited Fibre Broadband (subject to availability) * TV License * Water * Responsive Maintenance (24/7) and easy to access reporting procedure via the website * Personal Property Manager / Team Member

Do you own the properties you advertise or are you an agent?

Student Housing Lancaster was established in 2001 and has grown since with demand for our excellent customer services, we now manage other high-quality properties in the area. Some are owned and some we manage – We only work with trusted owners and partners.

When do I have to pay my rent?

Your first rent payment funds must be received by 1st September or 14 days before your contract start date.


  • 10 monthly payments to be paid on the 5th of the month (funds received)
  • Termly – 6 weeks’ up-front rent paid by September 1st (funds received) and then 3 equal payments paid October 15th, January 15th and April 15th.

Is your internet service unlimited?

Yes, all our Internet services are unlimited and fibre-connected where availability is present.

Can I smoke in the property or bring my pets?

All our properties have a strict no smoking policy and no pets are allowed.

Do you provide a cleaning service?

Yes, we provide a FREE termly cleaning service to assist you to keep on top of your cleaning, for our tenants as a minimum normally, cleaning communal areas see T&C. We can offer more monthly cleaning in addition to the mid-term cleans if you wish to book this extra service.

Is there car parking available?

The majority of our properties do have car parking available outside the properties. There is car parking subject to availability in the City Centre. However, there is always more availability just outside the City Centre.

Do students pay council tax?

No. if all tenants are students there is no council tax to pay subject to providing the correct evidence to the council that you are a student.

If I decide to stay in my property for another year, can I leave my personal belongings in the property over the summer?

Yes. If you sign up for a consecutive year, we will rollover your deposit and this will allow you to leave all belongings in the property, as per your new contract.

Is the use of a washing machine and dryer included within the rent?

Yes, Free Washing Machines are available in all Student Housing managed properties, and dryers where provided.

Where do I pick up my key?

If you are renting a property directly from SHL you will receive an email asking to confirm your move-in date, we will allocate a date around the contract start date if we do not receive this. On the agreed date you can collect your key after 1 pm from our City Centre office 69 Penny Street, Lancaster, LA1 1XF.

Do you have an office I can come to?

Yes, we have a City Centre Office at 69 Penny Street, Lancaster, LA1 1XF. Tel: 01524 66931. Just call us if you need directions.

What is the period of the tenancy with Student Housing Lancaster?

Our standard tenancy is only 48 weeks (11 Months) and with no summer retainer, so it’s easy to work out your rents. Summer storage or other options regarding the storage of your items may be available.

What do I need to bring with me when I move in?

Please bring with you: Personal effects (bedding, pillows, duvet, room mirror, pots/pans, cutlery, toilet rolls, food, bins for bedroom) General/ communal – as a household you will need to purchase (hoover/ vacuum, mop/ bucket, dustpan/ brush, iron/ ironing board, waste bins for kitchen/ bathroom.

If I have to tell you about something - how is it done?

If you need to contact us about any issues, please firstly send an email to office@studenthousinglancaster.co.uk

If you need anything fixing or replacing, the way to do this is by completing the report/repair form on our website: https://www.studenthousinglancaster.co.uk/tenants – contact us – report repair (using the “WE WILL FIX IT” button). Enabling all issues to be dealt with ASAP

We have a helpful YouTube channel containing practical tips for you.

What are your complaint procedures?

In the rare occasion that you feel that we have not done our best:

Email: office@studenthousinglancaster.co.uk (For the attention of the Director)

Complaints are dealt with on an individual basis.

* It can take up to 28 working days for a response

Where can I find our Tenant Terms & Conditions?