Valentine’s Day on a Student Budget

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Lancaster, Students

As January gets underway, it will soon be time for the most loved-up day of the year: Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day has become well and truly immersed into British culture. It’s a day for couples to spoil each other and show their love.

However, as a student, you may be anxious about how to celebrate this day with your beloved, without stretching your already straining bank account. So, here are some ways you can have a fantastic Valentine’s Day with your partner on a student budget.

Happy Valentine's Day

The Card

Some people love them, others loathe the card-giving ritual. But for those who enjoy giving and receiving cards, take note of the following:

For cheap cards, try a shop like Card Factory. Come February they will be stocked to the brim with cheesy, vomit-inducing Valentine’s Day cards, and some will be for as little as 59 pence. Make sure you write something romantic and individualised inside – ‘Happy Valentine’s Day love from…’ is a bit overdone.

Alternatively, try making your own card. This way you can go as soppy, cute or as personalised as you like. You can print off photos of the two of you for the front, stick hearts and teddy bears around the edge, or draw something (if you have the skills, or even if you don’t, your partner will probably appreciate the effort).

Finally, why not consider a letter as an alternative? It can be the cheapest option, simply a piece of paper and a pen and a thoughtful collection of your deepest feelings. Handwritten is definitely the way to go, as it shows that time and effort that have gone into it. Write about your favourite moments together, your most cherished memories and your hopes for many more. A love letter can be the most valued gift this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Card

Homemade Gift

In a similar vain to a card, if you don’t want to splash out on expensive jewellery or a fancy gadget, there are plenty of homemade presents that can make the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re the sentimental type who hangs on to every train ticket or museum entry ticket, you could construct a scrapbook of you and your partner’s time together. Combined with photos from your best memories and meaningful quotes dotted around, a relationship scrapbook is a great – and cheap – way to show you care.

You could also make use of those spare revision flash cards you have lying around. Cut them up and turn them into a selection of personalised vouchers. Your partner can redeem these at any time, and enjoy such luxuries as having a bath run for them, a foot rub or getting to choose what you start watching next on Netflix.

Homemade Valentines Gift

Table for Two

A Valentine’s Day meal doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, staying in and cooking a romantic meal for two is not only a cheaper alternative, but you also won’t need to deal with the hassle of booking a month or so in advance.

A simple dish is the best way to go, no need to overly complicate things. The internet is bursting with recipes, or if you know your partner’s favourite meal, they would certainly appreciate the effort of you preparing it for them.

Alternatively, if cooking really isn’t something you excel at, a lot of supermarkets do a special Valentine’s meal for two deals. All the prep work just involves putting the food in the oven, they are reasonably priced and often include a bottle of wine, too.

Finally, you could always go to a restaurant. Plenty of places in Lancaster will be putting on a special menu for this day, and not all of them will be too extravagantly priced, either. Just make sure you book within plenty of time, because places book up fast. It might also be the perfect time to go back to the first restaurant in Lancaster you two had your first meal out together.

Heart Shaped Pizza

Free City Attractions

As well as a fantastic range of restaurants, Lancaster is full of things for you and your partner to do on Valentine’s Day that don’t need to break the bank. For a romantic walk, take a wander up to Williamson Park. Covering an area of 53.6 acres, Williamson park is a beautifully peaceful piece of nature that includes a butterfly house, a café and Ashton Memorial. Climb to the top of the memorial to enjoy the stunning view of the whole of Lancaster, stretching out to the hills beyond.

Take a stroll along Lancaster canal or enjoy a trip to the museum in the city centre. Lancaster is a wonderful city to explore, with many quaint, locally-run shops to browse together.

Williamson Park, Lancaster

Cosy Film Night

There’s no need to head out to the cinema on Valentine’s Day; hijack the living room with your partner, put your feet up, grab the popcorn and enjoy a cosy night in together watching a film. It doesn’t have to be a romantic film; in fact, why not put on the first film you went to see together? Or a film that has a specific meaning to your relationship? Enjoy your Valentine’s Day from the comfort of your own student accommodation in Lancaster and avoid the hustle and bustle of the city.

Students Watching a Film

This Valentine’s Day, make sure you don’t bankrupt yourself. There are plenty of ways to have a romantic evening with your partner, without having to spend a fortune. From everyone here at Student Housing Lancaster, we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day no matter how you choose to spend it.