What Type of Student Are You On A Night Out?

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Accommodation, Lancaster, Students

Finally, the time has come. We’ve been locked away for far too long, but there’s a strobe light at the end of the tunnel which can be seen through an eery mist of dry ice. Love them or loathe them, don’t be embarrassed to admit you’ve missed the messy student nights out – hangovers, regrets and far too much money spent included.

Whether you’re the one with the clipboard trying to keep everyone together, or you’re in the middle of the dance floor giving it everything you’ve got – there’s a category that everyone fits into.

In today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at the different types of students you’ll meet on a night out, and it’s for you (or your friends) to decide which one you are. You never know, this could be the line-up of your next flat with Student Housing Lancaster! Let’s get to know your new housemates…

The Selfie Queen

You know them well, they’re the one who spends the longest getting ready and is the last to leave because they’re looking for the best lighting in the flat. Luckily for them (and the rest of your housemates), our student accommodation is the best in Lancaster and provides fantastic backgrounds for all their Instagram pictures.

If you think it’s all over after you leave pre-drinks, then you’d be mistaken. The Selfie Queen is the only type of person to ask the club photographer to take pictures of them and their friends, and it’s almost certain they’ll buy one of those keyrings that nobody ever bothers with.

Word of advice: DO NOT interrupt when the front-facing camera is open. Do you really want to be waiting any longer to get to the club?

Students taking a selfie on a night out.

The Dancer

They’re still clinging onto being young and sweet and only seventeen – you guessed it, it’s the dancing queen. Although you might not think it, The Dancer is usually the quietest member of the house and only brings out their extroverted side when the vodka and coke kicks in.

Always right in the middle of the action, this person comes out of the dance floor dripping with sweat and gasping for air at the end of the night. They’re so much fun and always up for a dance-off with their signature moves but don’t think for a second that you have a chance at winning.

The Disappearing Act

One minute you’re at the bar chatting to your friend, you order your drinks and turn back around to ask what they want, and they’re gone. Arguably the most annoying out of the students listed, and because of this, nobody likes to admit they’re this person.

The rest of your group sets out like a search party to try and find them thinking the worst, but nine times out of ten, they just decided they’d had enough and are tucked up warm in bed. It would be nice to let the others know though, wouldn’t it?

Shots on a student night out.

The Shot Master

You don’t know this person exists until you’re handed a shot glass. Watch out for them though, because although they’re very generous with their money and end up buying everyone nearby a drink, you never actually know what it is they’re giving you. You could get lucky with a Sourz, or your night could end very quickly if it’s Sambuca.

This person is a great laugh and is always up for playing drinking games and making sure everyone’s having a good time.

However, always remember to drink responsibly, and when someone’s had one too many, maybe a couple of shots of water would be a better option.

The Mum

If you’re going out with your housemates for the first time, just look out for the person who did most of the organising when it came to looking for your student accommodation. This is the person who will take on the role of The Mum.

They’ll be passing out water left, right and centre, as well as keeping an ear out if the music gets too loud at pre-drinks. Although you may roll your eyes when they ask everyone to keep it down a little, this person is always looking out for you. They’ll be the one offering to take you home if it all gets a bit much, and they will be the shoulder to cry on when you’re faced with regrets the morning after.

Party at student accommodation.

The Foodie

They’re the one everyone else envies, who manages to sneak out a packet of crisps to eat in the queue for the club. Similar to The Disappearing Act, they might go MIA for a bit, but where they differ is that The Foodie always comes back with cheesy chips in tow.

Their favourite part of the night out is leaving the club and piling into the nearest takeaway to soak it all up afterwards. They know the staff by name and their order is always ready and waiting for their arrival.

Whether you’re one of the students listed, or there’s another title you feel suits you better, we’ve met them all. Student Housing Lancaster has been around since 2001, so you can rest assured that you’re not the first Disappearing Act we’ve come across. Luckily for you, our secure, high-quality student houses in Lancaster are perfect for all types of people – just make sure The Dancer doesn’t practice their moves too hard and break a window.

For more information on our options for undergraduate or postgraduate accommodation, come and take a look at our website, or get in touch with our friendly team today.