Why You Should Choose Lancaster as Your University City – Part One

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Booking

Here at Student Housing Lancaster, we love our city. In fact, we love it so much we are convinced it is one of the best places to go to university in the country! But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Lancaster has so much culture and wonders to offer, it isn’t hard to see why over 15,000 students are attracted to the city every year for university.

In that light, what are the top attractions that are such an irresistible lure for students in Lancaster?

A Sense of History

The long history that the city of Lancaster possesses permeates every cobbled street and Edwardian brick house. Amazing sites of historical importance include the Lancaster Castle which has stood for over a thousand years – in one form or another – overlooking the River Lune. It began as a Roman fort, the name of the city coming to the river it resides beside and the Latin word castrum which translates as ‘fort’.

With the priory located on the same grounds, it is one of the most magnificent and awe-inspiring sites that Lancaster has to offer. Perfect for an afternoon of studying in the summer!

Better yet, the man who coined the term ‘dinosaur’ was born in this historic city! Sir Richard Owen was born in this very city in 1804 and is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding naturalists of the Victorian era. An amazing legacy for you to live up to as you study here!

Wondrous Food

Lancaster is a city that loves food. There is a restaurant, food stall or pub seemingly every five steps. You will be spoilt for choice when dining out!

From Greaves Park to Blue Moon, the width and breadth of cultural choices are amazing. You can try traditional Lancashire dishes one day, then the next you can enjoy something you may have never even tried before. If you have a craving for a certain cuisine, enjoying an evening with new friends or showing your family the wonders of your university city; chances are Lancaster has the answer you are looking for!

Close to Nature

Lancaster has some amazing walks in the vicinity of the city, but it is also close to the amazing greenery of the Lake District. Walks are never more pleasant, the grass is never greener and stress never seems so far away when enjoying the sights this National Park has to offer. It is a popular holiday destination for people up and down the UK. But, study in Lancaster and it could be a quick train journey for you every weekend!

So, following the footsteps of amazing people like William Wordsworth has never been easier. Nor as pleasant. Take this opportunity and unleash your inner poet in Lancaster.

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