4 Ways to Save Time and Money on Your Accommodation

Time and money can be scarce commodities for students. Accommodation costs can easily be one of the largest expenses that students have to contend with, while time may be lacking when faced with busy academic schedules. This is one of the reasons why the choice of accommodation is quite an important one.

Some students may find as time progresses that they are unable to keep up with the cost of the accommodation they chose to live in. Others may have opted for what may have initially appeared to be cheap accommodation, but which eventually turns out to be unsuitable and costs more time and money in the long run.

Happy students studying

Here are three things that can help save time and money when you’re looking for a place to stay:

1. Opt for Central Locations if Possible

Consider locations that are central and conveniently located for easy and quick access to universities, colleges and local amenities. Accommodation within walking distance to educational establishments or a short commute away may cost more to rent, but students save money on transportation costs and also save time that would otherwise be spent commuting.

2. Negotiate All-Inclusive Utility Bills

Landlords who rent to students, in particular, are usually quite happy to include utility bills to the rent amount, meaning students have one less thing to worry about. Landlords would usually ask that students pay their own mobile phone bills and sometimes any landline charges incurred. Other than those, utility bills such as water, gas and electricity can be made all inclusive.

The good thing about this is that students can get on with their studies without spending time dealing with bills or various utility companies or worrying about how much their next bill will be. All-inclusive billing options also save money, because it can work out cheaper to pay one bill – the rent – rather than paying all utility bills individually.

3. Cook At Your Student Home!

Eating out on a regular basis can add up and become quite expensive, so why not fight the urge to splurge on a meal out, and cook at home.

Some students opt to cook in bulk at the weekend or at other free times, so they can conveniently heat up their home cooked food throughout the week, thereby saving time. Others have the option of preparing a packed lunch instead of eating out. This usually works out cheaper and saves time in the long run.

4. Ask Your Landlord

You never know what your landlord or agent can offer you if you don’t ask. Some agents offer you bolt on services for a small amount which can cover aspects such as cleaning, keeping the garden and yard clean and even sorting the bins out. This will save you plenty of time in order for you to focus on your more important tasks and of course your studies. Plus, this means no more fallouts with your flatmates on who’s turn it is to clean the kitchen or take the bins out!

SHL offer an upgrade to platinum lettings which covers all which is mentioned and even gives you free of charge contents insurance. This is only 50 pence a day! Between your housemates, this isn’t much at all.

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